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The Advantage Of The Latest Ice Cream Machine

May 24, 2018

Functions and features:

All stainless steel surface design, beautiful, sanitary, lower casters, easy to move.

Microcomputer temperature controller, can set the temperature according to the need, automatically display the temperature.

It adopts the Chinese famous brand compressor, the internal mixing system, the cold circulation is accelerated, the refrigeration speed is fast.

According to customers' needs, we can make all kinds of ice cream and ice cream to meet the needs of consumers of all ages.

It is suitable for convenience stores, various leisure places, schools, rural areas, small investment, high profit, and return speed block.

Ice cream making machine process raw materials, processing, ingredients, mixing, sterilization, cooling, injection moulding, freezing, stripping, packaging, storage and hardening of refrigerated storage (freezer).Ice cream bar is inexpensive to provide detailed recipe and process information.Agitator of peripheral equipment (can be replaced by ordinary aluminum pan or stainless steel pan).Can be combined with jam, dip in on different chocolate sauce, jam, all kinds of nuts, coconut and so on, selling now now. Is this product sell like hot cakes in the summer, always can give a person the enjoyment to icy cool, dazzle colour ice cream as the beauty of the four seasons, to bring people to extraordinary kind mood this machine can be used widely, and practice in the hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, schools and places of demand for larger, small ice cream Popsicle machine not only from the form, mode, color, aroma, taste overturned on the characteristics of traditional ice stick, and machine "pocket" to perfection,Large Popsicle machine price is not expensive, water ice making machine for traditional Popsicle into a prosperous, whose silhouette and bold innovation technique has changed the traditional Popsicle, ice cream is a single color and taste, make amazing ideas emerge in endlessly.Red is passion, ice cream bar machine can provide free technology after purchase, yellow is love, blue dream, white pure, green life, purple heat...Perfect be Popsicle ice cream machine with different kinds of jam, refined dairy, natural curing agent, the modulation of viscous agent created a variety of different flavors, form a full-bodied sweet taste, fine and smooth mouthfeel.Small Popsicle machine, ice cake making machine is a kind of food that people all over the world like to quench.