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The Advantages Of Rotary Oven From Shanghai Mooha

Mar 21, 2019

1. Wide baking range.Such as bread, cake, moon cake, peach cake, dim sum, cookies, apricot, baguette, toast, hemp cake can be used to bake.

2, the furnace USES direct combustion,, hot air circulation system, baking is very uniform, product baking effect is good, uniform color.

3. High security and low failure rate.The hot air rotary stove adopts unique material and special way heating, ordered long, easy to repair

4. The heating mode of hot air rotary furnace can be customized as oil, steam and electricity according to customer requirements.

Low fuel costs.Bake continuously for 12 hours, very cost-effective.

6. High output.Easy to operate, in and out of the vehicle, 32 sets at a time.