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The Bakery Production Process Is The Key To The Healthy Trend

Apr 20, 2018

Today, whole-grain foods are common in our daily life, such as bread, coarse cereals, porridge, and so on.As people's living standards are improved, consumption is also upgraded, and people's pursuit of health and nutrition is becoming more and more intense.That has led many manufacturers to start building products into healthier brands.As a result, some foods, such as grains, protein and fruits and vegetables, are born.

As with ordinary bread, biscuits and other processed foods, whole grains should be baked, formed and woke up.Take whole-grain bread as an example. It is usually made of wheat flour, walnut, oatmeal, hazelnut, flaxseed and other raw materials, and has more vitamins and minerals than ordinary bread.It is understood that coarse grain contains insoluble fiber, can promote the digestive system operation, and some gastric cancer, bowel cancer and other diseases have certain resistance.You can see that putting coarse grains into bread is, in some ways, healthier than before.

Go back to the process of bread making, kneading、pressing、 forming、 stirring、baking、cooling...These are the only way to get bread.Among them, the wake up link is very important, fermentation is crucial to the taste and texture of the finished product.If the fermentation is not complete, the bread will not taste good.Temperature and humidity are two key factors affecting fermentation. The fermentation machine on the bread line can easily control these two points.

For example, our company produces dough prover, which can be adjusted freely with its temperature and moderate temperature. It also has insulation insulation layer inside the fermentation machine to increase the thermal efficiency and keep the temperature in the machine.The added glass observation window is convenient and practical, and the operator can observe the bread fermentation in real time and adjust it.

In addition to the automation and humanized design and performance of the fermentation machine, the rotary oven used in the baking process have an advantage.Consumers are increasingly demanding on the quality of food, and customers' demand for the quality of mechanical equipment is also promoted, which makes manufacturers strive to make their products more powerful.For example, the rotary oven has a variety of energy sources such as gas, coal, fuel and so on to meet the different needs of customers.The combination of hot air convection, hot wind circulation and slow rotation of the car makes the whole area of bread warm and even, presenting an attractive appearance.

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