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The Baking Industry Continues To Develop And The Baking Equipment Is Guaranteed

Apr 17, 2018

Baking has become a new choice for young Chinese consumers, urban white-collar workers or housewives, and has great market development space.

As the only one professional baking market festival baked and family oriented national platform, on May 9 to 12, held in Shanghai international exhibition center, 2018 China international exhibition on baking baking exhibition (Bakery Shanghai), in addition to providing cost-effective baked food, raw materials, equipment and related products and services trade platform, and for learning and communication industry structures, the latest products and technology of e-commerce platform.

Our company has its own factory which can produce all kinds of bakery equipments needed by customers.If you have any interest or question, you can log in the website www.shmooha.com to get more information. bakery China.jpg