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The Characteristics Of Powder Packing Machine

Oct 11, 2018

Shanghai mooha's powder/granule filling packing machine is suitable for automatic packaging of powdery materials such as salt, fine white sugar, monosodium glutamate, seasoning, milk powder, food additive, pesticide, washing powder, health tea powder, Chinese powder, soybean milk powder, chicken powder, coffee powder, Portuguese sugar, powder additive, carbon powder, talcum powder, essence and spices.Can finish TuoPing, metering, filling, weighing and transmission, to unscramble bottle machine, screw cap machine, labeling machine, shrink machine, packing machine, film machine, etc of a complete set of bottled production line, professional manufacturer of powder/particle filler is suitable for wheat flour, fine sugar, milk powder, monosodium glutamate, seasoning, food additive, pesticide, washing powder, slimming tea powder, powder materials such as automatic packaging.