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The Common Sealing Method Of Automatic Packing Machine

Aug 01, 2019

There are probably the following types of packing and sealing:

1. Back sealing and packaging (pillow type or vertical type)

2. Four-side sealing and packaging (vertical machine, bagging machine or sealing machine)

3. Three-side sealing and packaging (vertical packaging machine is adopted)

4. Blister packaging (using blister packaging machine, the packaging effect is like a toothbrush)

5. Triangle packing (vertical packing machine)

6. Thermal shrinkage packaging (using thermal shrinkage packaging machine + thermal shrinkage furnace)

7. Box packing and sealing method (box loading or manual packing)

8, self-adhesive bag packaging (using bagging machine, self-adhesive bag packaging effect is like red envelopes and envelopes)

9. Corner bag packaging

10. Four-sided ironing packing

11. Bottle lid (using filling machine + screw lid and screw lid)

12, manual packaging (generally refers to the machine can not complete the packaging effect needs manual completion).