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The Development Of Food Industry Cannot Be Separated From The Upgrading Of Food Processing Machinery

Apr 02, 2019

The transformation and upgrading of the food industry cannot be achieved without the support of food innovation and upgrading and related food processing equipment.

The drum seasoning machine adopts deceleration motor and gear rotation to make the mixing raw materials more uniform and the food more tasty. Besides, there is no dead Angle in the drum of the seasoning machine and it is more convenient to clean up, so as not to pollute the food in the second use.At the same time, the internal use of stainless steel materials, in line with food safety and health production requirements, can be any food seasoning, mixing, especially puffed food seasoning, mixing tools, such as popcorn, so that it is not easy to not broken, to ensure the taste and quality.

All kinds of delicious stuffing production and processing is also inseparable from the assembly line operation, not without the help of food equipment.Carefully selected red dates, beans, flowers and other raw materials, after cleaning, cooking, beating, concentration, mixing, packaging......It is made into a variety of delicious fillings, which can provide high-quality fillings for high-end bakery enterprises.