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The Development Trend Of Food Packaging Machine

May 08, 2018

In recent years, with the rapid development of food industry, as well as the consumer market grows, food packaging industry ushered in the new development trend, for example, a new type of packaging materials can realize green degradation, reduce the "white pollution", intelligent packaging can monitor food source temperature, which can realize traceability, can security identification, etc., bring different shopping experience for consumers.

"Green packaging" is also called "sustainable packaging". In short, it is "recyclable, biodegradable and lightweight".At present, there have been more and more countries and regions in the world in different ways to limit or prohibit the use of plastic products, in addition to "in paper generation model", to reduce the "white pollution", new packaging materials (such as biological materials) has become the direction of the industry to explore.

With the packaging industry rapid development, and consumer demand diversity, function of food packaging are moving in the direction of diversification, including oil, moisture, fresh, high barrier, active packaging...Modern smart label technology, such as qr code, block chain anti-counterfeiting, and so on, how to combine with traditional packaging, is also the development trend of food packaging industry in the future.

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