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The Difference Of Electric Oven And Gas Oven

Jul 29, 2019

Difference 1: maintenance of gas oven and electric oven

Safe respect, electric oven wants safe and durable than oven burning gas, electric oven is lesser commonly, maintain should go to the lavatory simply a lot of, easy also clean.Gas-fired ovens heat up quickly and have a large capacity when baking large amounts of food, making them ideal for commercial use.

Difference 2: the heat source of gas oven and electric oven is different

The oven must be electric, and the oven can be repositioned as long as it is near the power source.Gas oven must use gas, natural gas and gas are ok, gas oven is fixed installation, cannot move casually.Must want to let professional personnel install according to manual, want to have platoon flue, installation should be about the same with water heater burning gas, in using, should notice to use gas safety.

Difference 3: the volume of gas oven and electric oven is different

Gas-fired ovens are generally large in size and capacity, capable of baking a large amount of food, and are generally used for commercial ovens.

Distinction 4: the efficiency of gas oven and electric oven differ

Gas ovens heat up quickly, preheat quickly, save energy, in other words, save costs, and cook food quickly. Typical commercial ovens used by professional chefs.Electric oven heats up slowly, preheat slow, need 3 to be able to satisfy power supply need, domestic use is more appropriate, especially the person that learns to bake newly.In fact, people who do not know how to bake should not use gas oven, because the high temperature of gas oven can easily burn the food, and the initial use needs to be run in.But the electric oven temperature is stable, the finished product color is more unified, suitable for beginners.

Distinction 5: the energy-saving circumstance of gas oven and electric oven

Ovens range in power from a few hundred watts to a kilowatt or two, and consume anywhere from a few tenths of a degree to a degree or two per hour.When commercial gas ovens were used, the fuel gas (basically gas and natural gas) was cost-effective, saving about half the fuel cost compared to the electricity bill of the day, and the electricity sector was generally too small to use the ovens.At present, the cost expenditure of gas and electricity is almost the same, and the electric capacity of household electricity is enough to apply electric oven, and it is easy to increase and expand capacity, so the vast majority of household ovens are electric, large use of computer program control.Today's gas ovens still need to be plugged in for precise control.If the household two or three kilowatts oven, the electric oven is more convenient;If the commercial seven or eight kilowatt, ten thousand watt oven, the use of gas oven is cost-effective.