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The Dough Mixer And Dough Divider Rounder Help Ensure Food Safety

Apr 29, 2019

At present, there are various kinds of glutinous rice balls on the market with rich flavors, such as classic black sesame, fragrant peanut, rose bean paste, osmanthus hawthorn, butter cocoa, and web celebrity glutinous rice balls, such as yellow rice glutinous rice balls, crystal glutinous rice balls, brown sugar walnut glutinous rice balls, durian glutinous rice balls, etc., to meet the taste needs of different consumers.However, no matter what kind of sweet dumplings, the production process is basically the same, including material selection, sorting, cleaning, asphalt, grinding, mixing and stirring ingredients, rubbing, packaging, quick-freezing and other processes, the equipment involved in the cleaning machine, asphalt machine, grinding machine, flour mixing machine, quick-freezing machine and so on.