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The Gas Oven Should Not Be Too Hot

Oct 31, 2018

"In terms of the nutritional reserve of the food, it is better to use the microwave, which is related to its heating principle."Experts say microwaves generate heat by making the inside of food molecules move quickly, so nutrients aren't lost easily.Gas ovens, on the other hand, heat food from the outside to the interior, destroying some of the nutrients.


Although the oven is defeated in the battle with the microwave oven, as long as the proper use of the gas oven for food, it is still better than charcoal baked food!While the oven may destroy some of the water-soluble vitamins when it comes to broiling vegetables, it doesn't matter if it's grilled meat.


Barbeque with a gas grill is healthier than charcoal-grilled meat, which makes people who can't live without beer in the summer a little excited.Gas barbecue oven to bake health, however, is conditional - when setting temperature, had better not higher than 200 ℃.


When gas oven temperature setting under 200 ℃, it does not burn, baked food besides vitamin may be some damage, other nutrients are still very well, but also won't produce any poison.Once the gas oven temperature over 200 ℃, the food is easy to create heterocyclic amines, benzopyrene and other carcinogenic substance, especially until the burnt food!


The reason why the gas grill is healthier than the charcoal grill is that the temperature of the gas grill can be precisely controlled, but the temperature of the charcoal grill is not so easy to master.


In this case, experts say that if meat is roasted at a lower temperature, it can still be roasted to make delicious food by extending the baking time. Although the taste and taste may be slightly different from what is baked at the original high temperature, the effect is not significant.But baking cookies just won't work this way -- dessert more accurate, to the requirement of the baking temperature is a little deviation, the flavor of desserts, color can be changed greatly, so you still choose dessert baking temperature below 200 ℃.