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The Great Development Of Baking Equipment In Baking Industry

Jun 01, 2018

At present, there are two popular modes in the baking industry, namely the central factory processing and wholesale mode and chain store operation mode.In terms of current situation, the industry believes that the central factory wholesale mode the high profitability and scale effect significant automation suitable for the advantages of scale, and production and processing of baking enterprise (such as cakes, bread, biscuits, etc.).Through the central factory wholesale mode to achieve national expansion, occupy a high market share, so as to enhance the company's popularity and brand strength, so as to achieve rapid industrial concentration.

With the improvement of citizens' consumption ability and the european-style diet, the consumption market potential of such western pastry as bread and cake is huge in the future.Many enterprises saw this business opportunity and entered the baking market one after another. Stores with chain stores as the main business model rose rapidly.At present, the baking market is still on the rise. The gross profit rate is high, especially in brand stores, which can reach more than 50% of the selling price.On the one hand, strong market demand; on the other hand, low threshold and high profit are the main reasons why many merchants join the "cake and bread war".

Baking equipment required by the baking industry, such as ovens, hot air stoves, bakers, cake machines, shaping equipment, mixing equipment, refrigerating and preserving equipment, etc.Among them, the hot air furnace is a kind of medium sized baking equipment that USES a variety of different energy to heat the combustion chamber, and sends the hot air into the furnace through the heat exchanger and fan, and then roasts the food in the furnace.This equipment is suitable for large-scale product production, such as bread, toast, moon cake, small cake, wife cake, egg yolk pie and other food processing.In addition, compared with other food, baking is very high to the requirement of weighing apparatus, such as a small electronic scale, must be asked is both convenient and precise, if appear a little error of measurement, can affect the final product quality.