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The Market Development Of Hot Wind Rotary Furnace Is Good.

Apr 12, 2018

As the baking industry has grown and expanded, it has also brought development opportunities to the rotary oven, including the rotary stove.In daily life, there is an increasing demand for all kinds of hot air roasting food, and the prospect of roasting market is inestimable.

Rotary oven is a kind of medium- sized baking equipment that USES a variety of different energy heating combustion Chambers, which can be fed into the furnace by heat exchanger and fan.Because it is heated by hot air, it is also known as "hot air rotating furnace".The equipment is suitable for mass production.Bake: bread, toast, French stick, moon cake, small cake, wife pie, egg yolk pie, puffs and all kinds of meat, seafood drying and other food processing USES.

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