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The Mechanized Production Of Baking Market Is The Development Trend Of The Industry

Jun 14, 2018

With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, baked goods have gradually become the necessary consumer goods for daily life, which makes the growth momentum of baked goods more vigorous.Compared with other market segments in the catering industry, the baking industry is an area where standardization degree is high, so it is easier to rapid development, plus the number of consumers to baked goods and quality of the growing demand, accompanied by an expansion of the market size and capacity.According to relevant data, the retail scale of 2017 will exceed 100 billion yuan, and the baking market is expected to reach nearly 210 billion yuan in 2018.Industry experts say the domestic baking scale is growing at an alarming rate, and the market "cake" is getting bigger.Baked goods are mainly a kind of food that has been matured through the baking process of hair noodles and high temperature, also known as baked goods.Although the wide range of baked goods, variety, have different shape, different flavors, but mainly includes three types of products such as bread, pastries, cookies, which kind of, whether it is inseparable from the baking in the process of production and processing equipment.

With the rapid development of food industry, the modern baking technology has changed dramatically, and continuously improve product quality, new raw material emerge in endlessly, an updated production equipment, product mass production trend is obvious.It is understood that some bread processing enterprise constantly develop new technology, new technology and new equipment, through the introduction of Germany, the United States and other international advanced bread production line, in order to improve product technology, to ensure the unification of the quality and taste.

These devices will comprise several production lines, such as shortcrust cookies and cookies.Among them, the cookie production line is composed of equipment from Denmark, Netherlands and other countries, with strong features of multi-function and automation.When these production lines are put into production, they will greatly improve the processing efficiency and product quality, and promote the related technological capacity to reach the international advanced level.

All production processes including dough, molding, baking, cooling and packaging are completed on the production line.At the same time, the entire production line operates in an orderly manner, from stirring and compressing raw materials to vacuum packaging, and finally becomes a beautifully packaged biscuit.

In China, baked goods play an important role in the food processing industry and still have a great market development prospect.As the saying goes, "if you want to be good at your tools, you must first benefit them". Bakery enterprises should actively innovate baking technology and introduce advanced equipment to meet the demands of large-scale and standardized market.And baking equipment manufacturing enterprises need to continue to strengthen the research and development of related equipment to help baking enterprises improve their market competitiveness.