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The Pastry Machine Should Be Used Correctly

Apr 19, 2019

With the change of market flow, more and more food machinery emerges, resulting in the gradual decline of more and more food machinery. In addition, the demand of the market economy polyu, the application of pastry machine in the food industry has been greatly improved.The development of pastry machine in the future industry premise greatly improved, as people pay more and more attention to food safety and quality, leading to more and more people began to take safety as an important role, the development of food safety is more important.

Pastry machine is a pressure surface wheel, two paragraphs will face pressed into the appropriate thickness, the filling out of automatic filling machine filling to the face, will face the question paper round roll into cylindrical, zui to forming tool cutting into small balls, or long strip cake embryo, repass cake forming, the forming process without breaking the surface elastic, remain completely by hand.Production speed, product size, weight, ratio of filling ratio, can be adjusted and changed at any time.

It is composed of a rolling and filling machine and two matching single machines. Compared with the general pastry machine, the machine integrates the rolling machine and filling machine, making the whole machine more convenient and smooth.The whole unit and the food contact parts are made of stainless steel to ensure the smooth, reliable and sanitary operation.