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The Proofer Makes The Bread Taste Good

Oct 14, 2019

Generally speaking, bread goes through many processes such as kneading, raising, dividing, rounding, shaping, baking and cooling. Both the raising and baking processes have strict requirements on temperature, time and other control requirements.As far as the dough is concerned, if the temperature is too low, the fermentation speed will be slow. If the temperature is too high, the enzyme function will be vigorous.

Shanghai mooha introduced intelligent dough proofer, using electric heat pipe by heating the water dish in the oven temperature control circuit, dough fermentation to produce relative humidity, temperature, suitable environment, conducive to strong gluten forming network protective film encase the carbon dioxide produced in the fermentation process, make its form spongiform expansion, thus make bread produced fluffy soft palate.In addition, because the intelligent start box can set up a 24-hour cycle program, no manual guard, time saving, labor saving, high efficiency