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The Role Of Cake Oil In Cake Production

Jun 12, 2018

1. Egg beating time can be shortened

When whipping the mixture, the mixture can be quickly inflated and foamed to promote the foaming.Cake oil emulsifying agent in the foaming ability and foam stability is a major feature in cake production zui, can make traditional egg time shorten, greatly increase the production efficiency, shorten the production cycle.

2. The stability of cake batter foam can be improved

After using the cake oil significantly improve the stability of bubbles in the batter, even if the batter beat is placed after the completion of a period of time, also won't bubble disappear, place a few hours later still will not fall, it provides great convenience for practical production, and ensure the quality of the cake.After a few hours, the cake batter without the cake oil will not only disappear seriously, the specific volume will be greatly reduced, and the qualified cake cannot be made.

3. The technological process of cake production can be simplified

Can make the traditional cake batter beat the game into a step to stir dozen step by step, after all the raw materials can be mixed together into uniform, ensure the quality of cake batter, greatly shorten the production cycle.

4. It can significantly improve the quality of the cake

The emulsifier can form a composite membrane with the protein in the cake batter, which increases the strength of the composite membrane, stabilizes the air foam and distributes all ingredients evenly.Cake oil can significantly improve the comprehensive quality of the cake, internal organization more uniform, uniform fine, thin blowhole wall, all large pores, delicate, moist, soft, not broken, not to drop.

5. It can significantly increase the size of the cake

It can significantly increase the size of the cake by about %, increase the swelling degree of the cake, and increase the flexibility.Use after oil cake, the batter volume increase than control, cake volume increase than control, volume is how much batter inflatable and an important index of oil cake quality fit and unfit quality, specific volume, the greater the batter in the air, the more that cake oil quality, the better, specific volume big cake, cake looseness.

6. It can improve the production rate of cakes

As the emulsifier in cake oil has strong hydrophilicity, it can increase the use of liquid (water, milk, juice, etc.) in the cake, so it can greatly improve the production rate of cake.

7. The freshness preservation period of the cake can be extended

Because the emulsifier in cake oil can form complex with starch and protein, and has good water retention, it can keep the cake for a long time, and the inside of the cake is moist, soft and not dry and hard.