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The Sealing Device

Oct 30, 2018

Sealing equipment with the continuous improvement of technology, in the packaging equipment industry to occupy a certain market.

Sealing equipment according to the production of packaging materials, the use of sealing form and sealing device is different.

For example, in the case of canned packaging, this type of packaging USES a screw sealing machine to seal its rotating cover, pressing it to the mouth of the container;It is specially used for packaging sealing of beer, soft drinks and other beverages. Generally, the sealing machine is used to place the crown cap on the bottle mouth. The crown cap is pressed under the pressing die of the machine.

Now there are sealing machine, vacuum sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, manual sealing machine, continuous sealing machine, sealing machine, sealing machine, sealing machine, and so on sealing equipment.

Packaging industry is constantly innovating, packaging equipment is also constantly creating, sealing equipment to obtain a certain market in the packaging industry should also constantly create better, more convenient and easier to operate equipment