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The Smart Equipment Industry Is Entering A New Orbit

Apr 13, 2018

In recent years, as industrial transformation and upgrading, economic growth is looking for a new special nodes, kinetic energy as a strategic emerging industries intelligent manufacturing equipment industry growing rapidly, and formed a certain scale.As the effective integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing upgrading process is accelerated, intelligent manufacture equipment industry in China presents the fast growth, the size of the market in 2017 reached 1.5 trillion.

Intelligent manufacturing equipment is a gold mine in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry.Cultivating and developing intelligent manufacturing equipment industry to speed up the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, improve production efficiency, technology level and product quality, to realize intelligent manufacturing and green development is of great significance.

Packaging machinery in our company, however, as a part of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, as with technical development trend of The Times, through constant innovation, also made a breakthrough technology development, to achieve the goal of intelligent packaging machinery.

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