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The Technology Of Cake Forming Machine

May 23, 2019

Suitable for various shapes of cake production, long, square, round, tiled.

The machine is suitable for all baking trays of 600*400 and below (or can be customized according to the size requirements of customers). The cake pasting machine adopts computer programming, touch screen, compact structure, concentrated function, simple operation, cylinder as the power, and equipped with photoelectric tracking, automatic quantitative extrusion, high accuracy, accurate quantitative.

The cake batter machine automatically injects the cake ingredients into the cake tray and transfers them into the cake baking oven for baking.

It is suitable for the production of egg yolk pie, moburg cake, cupcake, European cake and other cake products.

The injection amount of raw materials can be flexibly adjusted according to the requirements of the products, and the injection amount is stable.

Before filling, spray edible oil into the cake plate, and make the oil evenly spread at the bottom of the cake plate, so as to remove the plate.

The cake pasting machine can adjust automatically from 10g to 100g each according to customers' needs.

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