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The Treatment Of Flour In A Flour Production Line

Jul 08, 2019

Temperature control: according to different regions and seasons, flour should be placed in an appropriate environment for temperature control before use to make it more suitable for processing requirements.In winter should be flour into several days earlier in the production workshop, or comparing them in a warm place to raise the temperature of flour, is conducive to promoting when using yeast fermentation speed, flour to be in the summer months when stored in a cool dry place, and be well ventilated, to maintain the appropriate temperature, flour flour suitable for use and can an extended guarantee period.

Sifting: flour must be sifted before use, and then through the metal detector for safety testing, to prevent the memory of metal.At the same time, sifting can prevent other impurities from infiltrating into the flour, but also through sifting to break the flour lump, powder more delicate, make it mixed with more gas, conducive to the growth and reproduction of yeast.