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The Use Of Oven

Sep 20, 2019

Baking is a technical work, the operator must master the characteristics and performance of the oven used.

(1) read the instruction manual carefully before first using the oven to avoid accidents caused by improper use.

(2) before baking, the oven must be preheated, and baking can be carried out after the temperature reaches the technological requirements;Preheat also saves time. Don't wait for the product to form before turning on the oven.

(3) choose the baking time according to the technological requirements of the products.

(4) oven also has his individual character, different oven, although temperature is decided same, actual temperature also may not be same.Therefore, in the baking process, pay attention to observe the appearance of products, timely temperature adjustment.

(5) the power should be turned off immediately after the oven is used, and the residue in the oven should be cleaned after the temperature drops.