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The Use Of Planetary Mixer

May 07, 2019

The mixer adopts full mechanical rotation to free hands.Low noise during operation, stable and reliable.The machine is composed of the main frame, base, motor, stirrer, stirring barrel and other parts, among which the parts in contact with food such as stirrer and stirring barrel are made of stainless steel materials, meeting the requirements of food safety.

When the machine is running, not only will the agitator rotate at high speed, but the agitator barrel will also rotate with it.Using this planetary whipping method will speed up the whipping process, reduce the time it takes for the cream to sit at room temperature and prevent the cream from spoiling.Cook machine is also equipped with infinitely variable speed function, can be flexible adjustment, control the speed, improve the efficiency of killing.The head of the mixer can be raised to make the operation more convenient and quick.