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There Is A Big Market For Dog Food Behind Pets

Mar 14, 2019

According to public data, the number of pets in China has exceeded 168 million in 2018, with the number of pet dogs accounting for 2,740. China already has the largest number of dog owners in the world.Small pets, hidden behind is a huge economic market, whether pet toys, pet accessories or pet food, pet market is becoming another gear to promote economic development.In order to give pets better care, people are even willing to spend a lot of money to buy quality pet food.


In 2018, China will spend more than 5,000 yuan per person on a single pet.Among them, the market share of pet food, as a necessity for pets, has exceeded 1/3 of the whole pet market.In 2017, the domestic pet food market size was about 15 billion yuan, and still maintained a growth rate of about 10%.The pet food market is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan by 2022, according to the forward-looking industry research institute.