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Tips For Making Chiffon Cake

Sep 17, 2019

Use egg separation method.Place egg white and egg yolk in two mixing bowls. Whisk them separately.The main points are as follows:

(1) the chiffon cake batter requires that the temperature of the egg whites should be controlled between 17 and 22℃ during beating.If the stirring temperature is too high, the protein gel performance is thin, the gas is weak, not easy to preserve air;If the stirring beat temperature is too low, the protein gel thick, not easy to fill the air, the foam of the protein will be affected.

(2) the batter should not be stirred for too long. Beat the egg white to soft foam.If the batter is stirred too long, the colloidal properties of the egg will be destroyed, and the endurance of the protein film and the foaming ability of the protein will be affected.On the one hand, the foam is hard and difficult to mix into the batter, which causes the batter to be thin and the gas to dissipate.On the other hand, it will make the protein bubble into dry foam, so that the internal structure of the finished product is too loose and not up to the fine quality requirements.

(3) when the yolk is separated from the white, the yolk must not contain white.Because the egg white contains water, easy to reduce the consistency of egg yolk.Egg yolk also contains oil composition, can affect the foaming force of the white.

(4) clean the working apparatus of stirring egg white without oil stains, otherwise it will affect egg white foaming.

(5) if the egg yolk and sugar are put together, the sugar will cover the egg yolk and absorb the water, making the egg yolk agglomerate is not easy to mix, the baked cake may appear yolk point.When mixing batter, mix well and thoroughly.

(6) there are two ways to prepare egg yolk batter. One is to add egg yolk before the flour is thoroughly mixed, and the other is to add egg yolk after the flour is thoroughly mixed.The latter is difficult to mix thoroughly, while the former is easier to operate.In short, to avoid the occurrence of egg paste bonding phenomenon.And do not stir as much as possible, mix well, in order to avoid the batter produced strength, affect the quality.

(7) when mixing egg white and egg yolk in the batter, the action should be as light as possible so as not to destroy the bubbles in the batter.