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Use Of Baking Line Equipment

Jul 22, 2019

Flour mixer: first put the weighed flour into the flour mixer, put water in proportion, set the time, and automatically mix the flour;Just put the prepared flour and materials into the flour mixer, set the time, and automatically mix the flour without manual labor.

Open the pastry machine: put the good dough into the pastry machine, set the time to open the pastry, repeatedly overlap the dough to open the pastry, simple operation, fast;

Molding machine: put the pastry into the main machine, the dough is rolled out thin by the pressure wheel, and then the filling machine gives the filling, and finally the pinching machine takes shape.Full automation requires no labor.

Automatic plate-setting machine: the shortcake shaped by pinching is transferred to plate-setting machine along with the conveyor belt, and the plate-setting machine is automatically arranged by induction.

Oven: after setting the temperature of the oven, push the baked cakes into the oven. When baking at the pre-set time, the oven will stop working, and no one needs to watch the whole process all the time. This is intelligent mechanization.

Packaging machine: before no mechanization, food packaging are artificial manual packaging one by one, is can't compete with mechanical on efficiency, packaging machinery, just put the cooling cakes or bread into the card slot, mechanical drive will product a packing up a quick, 100 words a minute or so, greatly improve the efficiency of production.