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Use Of Frying Machine

Dec 24, 2018

Fried machine in the frying process mainly pay attention to the instant noodles Fried in the process of the given temperature, timely supplement of new oil and antioxidants in line with the health standards.


Frying temperature: the frying temperature of instant noodles should not be too high.The temperature is too high, after frying the noodles will change its original flavor, produce burnt flavor, poor taste.At the same time because the temperature is too high to cause the oil quality change, affect the shelf life of Fried dough blocks.


Antioxidant: the addition of licensed antioxidants in the oil is an indispensable measure to improve the shelf life of the noodles. At present, there are many products used as antioxidant in the oil. The manufacturer can determine the quality and effect of various antioxidants according to their performance, and use them to add the oil to improve the shelf life of instant noodles.In the frying process, the oil inside the frying machine will be consumed gradually after a certain amount of dough blocks are Fried, so a new oil supplement is needed.Antioxidants should also be added to supplemental fats and oils.Otherwise, the original pot oil caused by the dilution of antioxidants, antioxidants can not play a role in the future.