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Vacuum Dough Mixer Helps Ramen Production

May 21, 2019

As we all know, ramen, also known as diaomian and shuaimian, is a traditional delicacy with unique flavor in northern China.

Kneading is the base and key of ramen processing.Need to prevent dehydration, the dough dough temperature as far as possible at the same time stay at 30 ℃, and make sure the dough and uniform and smooth, have reinforced net form, to make better ramen extensibility and flexibility, for subsequent dough stretch, not easy to break the groundwork, and ensure that ramen with creamy dishes taste.And ramen is to handle the dough for the corresponding thickness of the stretch.When pulling, the speed should be fast and the force should be even, so as to ensure the noodle thickness is even and not broken.

The vacuum dough mixer not only liberates the hands, reduces the hygiene problems caused by manual dough making, but also improves the efficiency of dough making. It also makes the dough and dough even, forms the rib net, and guarantees the smooth and strong taste of the ramen.And the same goes for the ramen machine.