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Vacuum Fryers Help Fried Foods To Be Healthy And Tasty

Mar 23, 2020

Due to the addition of starch in the making process of Fried foods such as chicken chops, acrylamide is easy to be produced at high temperature (>120℃) if the frying temperature and time are controlled properly in the frying process, and its content will increase with the increase of frying temperature.If eat Fried food such as chicken chops for a long time, it may have an impact on health.With the growing awareness of healthy eating, healthy and safe chicken chops are undoubtedly more popular in the market.

Fried chicken and other Fried food processing stores can strictly control the frying temperature and time, not only to ensure that the color of the chicken and golden, crisp and delicious, but also to avoid excessive production of acrylamide and other harmful substances in high temperature for a long time, to ensure the flavor, taste and quality of Fried chicken and other food.

The vacuum fryer changes the traditional equipment structure, solves the disadvantage of the traditional fryer temperature control, and ensures the flavor and quality of Fried chicken and other Fried food.

Traditional fryer temperature control is not accurate, temperature control automation is not high, and there is no time adjustment device.Now the vacuum fryer with advanced automatic intelligent temperature control system, as long as the simple setting of frying temperature and time, that can achieve accurate temperature control.More importantly, due to the operation of frying under vacuum conditions, there is no overheating, no overpressure, the frying temperature is lower than 120℃, so as to avoid the frying temperature or high or low impact on Fried chicken and other Fried food Fried quality.

Compared with the traditional fryer, no doubt the vacuum fryer can guarantee the Fried quality of Fried foods such as chicken, let consumers eat more healthy, more assured.

In addition, using the technology of the oil-water mixture, vacuum fryer with oil and water filtration system and separation system, separation is not only beneficial to prevent water oil cooling, improve the repeated utilization rate, reduce the loss of oil, at the same time also can automatic cycle to filter oil, grease is always kept clean, further improve the quality of the Fried Fried food.