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Vacuum Sealing Machine Maintenance

Mar 24, 2020

Vacuum sealing machine is the dried vegetables and fruits, potato chips, nuts and meat products, pickles and other products into the packaging bag, the air out of the packaging bag, to achieve a predetermined vacuum degree, the completion of the sealing process.After passing through the vacuum tuyere, bagging food can not only avoid food weight loss, loss of taste, and can prevent secondary pollution, and at room temperature can extend the freshness period.

Under the background of the development of packaging machinery and equipment industry and the continuous improvement of market requirements, the vacuum sealing machine is developing towards the direction of high speed, accuracy and energy saving.However, no matter what kind of machine, if the long time high intensity continuous operation, and do not pay attention to the maintenance work, the equipment is bound to appear some minor problems, such as poor sealing, leakage, etc.

Therefore, in the use process, the user should pay attention to the vacuum sealing machine maintenance work.In this regard, some technicians have given the maintenance knowledge of vacuum sealing machine, for users reference.

First, regularly check the exhaust filter, vacuum pump oil and oil filters.The user should check whether the exhaust filter is blocked. If it is blocked, it should be replaced in time.Otherwise, the vacuum sealing machine in the operation or may appear a significant increase in the pump temperature, the motor current reached or exceeded the rated current, the pump exhaust port lampblack, thus affecting the production continuity.

It is worth mentioning that the user should check the oil level and oil contamination frequently (once a week is recommended).Check whether the oil is contaminated. Change the oil in time according to the situation. Use the vacuum pump oil specified in the composite standard.Note: clean the pump before adding new oil.In addition, when the vacuum pump is running, the oil level should be kept at 1/2 ~ 3/4 of the height of the oil window.

Second, in the sealing work, to check the solenoid valve, pipe joints, vacuum pump suction valve and the sealing pad around the work room whether there is a leak, in order to reduce the product seal packaging leakage.

Third, to regularly check the vacuum pump, coupling whether there is wear or rupture of the situation, according to the situation of timely maintenance or replacement, to avoid noise in the work.

Fourth, to regularly clean the suction screen, should be kept clean, so as not to pump down.Finally, if the long-term idle, should be oil drain and clean the pump, and placed in a dry place.