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What Should You Pay Attention To When Installing A Gas Oven

Oct 17, 2018

The combustion furnace is controlled by microcomputer inside, with even fire power. It has good insulation performance, and is equipped with flame monitoring and flameout alarm to ensure safety. The product is well insulated, stratified and independently used, and can be equipped with humidification device.


Proper installation of gas oven:


1. After stacking each layer of furnace, connect it with the connecting piece.


2. The right side of the oven shall be above 200MM from the wall, the back side and the left side shall be above 100MM from the wall.


3. Exhaust fans should be installed in the workshop to ensure adequate air circulation.


4. Connect the gas pipe of each layer to live connection, and connect with liquefied gas or pipeline natural gas. It is important to remind you that you should not use pipeline gas made of coal, commonly known as water gas, or it will cause danger.After that, for safety reasons, we can lather the joints to check for air leakage.


5. Connect 220-volt ac power supply.


Matters needing attention when using gas oven:


1. Before using the gas oven, the smoking pipe must be installed and led to the outdoor.


2. Do not touch the heat source or store dangerous goods around the gas tank to avoid explosion.


3. The used gas tank must be installed with the household pressure reducing valve which is randomly used, and the gas shall not leak at each joint.


4. During the operation of gas oven, the operator cannot stay away from the gas oven. If the burning gas in the oven is found to be flameout, the ignition switch should be immediately closed and the air source valve should be closed.


5. Air leakage and illegal use are strictly prohibited.


6. In the room with gas oven, the necessary ventilation condition is good.


7. When using the gas oven, the ground line must be connected.